Star Trails, Perseids and a Horse Fly

August 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Once again massively backlogged.  For this post it's just getting in the random shots, then I'll get up my other two missions up in the coming week... one to New Hampshire up in the white mountains, the other being the annual dunk tank fundraiser.  For now I got more dabbling in night photography with a couple star trails and a shot of a perseid streaming down.  Also an inch long horsefly I managed to trap for some shots.. thing was a beast!

Star Trails around PolarisStar Trails around PolarisStar Trails circling around Polaris at the peak of the Perseid Meteor shower. Only one shot through the scene in the half hour exposure.

Perseid Meteor Amongst the StarsPerseid Meteor Amongst the StarsA lone perseid meteor shoots through the starry night sky at Forest River Park in Salem, MA.

HorseflyHorseflyA large 1 inch horsefly captured for some macro close ups

HorseflyHorseflyA large 1 inch horsefly captured for some macro... full body shot.

HorseflyHorseflyPortrait headshot macro of a large horsefly


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