Mt. Major - 7-28-16

August 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Another late entry... got a bit lazy before vacation... busy during it... then lazy again after it, but I'm back again to get this thing up to date.  Two more trips to add after this one at some stage.  So this was a hike up the fairly difficult "blue trail" of Mt. Major in Alton, NH.  Only a 1728 footer, but a reasonable challenge! Especially considering I did it in 93F weather and super humidity that sucked the breath right out of ya.  Great views at the top, though and nice hike for my first run up a mountain from base to summit.  Would definitely do again... just not in that hot of weather.


Mt. Major Blue TrailMt. Major Blue Trail

Mt. Major Blue TrailMt. Major Blue Trail



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