Life Immortalized Photography | About
Welcome to Life Immortalized Photography! Your gracious host would be pictured above... that would be me. I've been taking pictures for as long as I can remember, but only really got serious about it in 2005 with my first digital camera... a little 5MP Kodak P&S. Started just doing landscapes and my cats and enjoyed it so much, I upgraded to a Sony H5. Still a P&S, just a little bigger. Then in 2009 came the big jump to DSLR's when I got my Canon 40D and the real adventure began.

Since that time I've been traveling around the state shooting every interesting area I could find. Constant reading and practice in an endless pursuit of reaching my full potential (it really will be an endless pursuit, too... a perfectionist, I am). So then in 2012, upgraded again to a full frame camera, the Canon 5D Mark III and have been having a blast with all I can do now with my photography. I've shot weddings, architecture, landscapes, private parties, pets, macro, floral, headshots, product and one baby shoot... basically whatever I can.

So with all that, I figured it was time to have a nice full featured gallery of what I do.  It's my artistic outlet for the most part... could also be considered my legacy through the moments and experiences I've immortalized in people's lives.