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Boston Harbor Islands: Georges Island

June 26, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The first in what will probably be a three part series as I'm considering a trip to Spectacle Island and taking the tour of Boston Light at some point this season.  I'm a little late with posting this trip... actually took it last Thursday, but got lazy bones about site updating.  Aside from photography, I have a bit of a Marvel Puzzle Quest addiction that tends to cause some procrastination at times.

So anyway! Took the Salem Ferry out to Boston and from there was off on another boat to Georges Island.  Beautiful scenery out there to backdrop an old Civil War fort, Fort Warren.  Took in the tour of that, taking shots where I could a long the way... some spots inside are pitch black.  Being an old fort, it made for a good excuse to do a couple black & white shots as well.  Fun trip and worth a visit at least once!


Georges Island SceneryGeorges Island SceneryA nice relaxing seat to overlook the harbor and Boston skyline at Georges Island.

Fort Warren B&WFort Warren B&WAnother seized opportunity at doing a black & white photo from within Fort Warren of Georges Island.

Georges Island SceneryGeorges Island SceneryA scenic path just outside the Fort Warren entrance on Georges Island.

Fort Warren Courtyard EntranceFort Warren Courtyard EntranceA view of the entrance into the Fort Warren courtyard from within the courtyard.

Fort Warren CannonFort Warren CannonA small cannon faces the Boston skyline on Georges Island.


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