Life Immortalized Photography | Boston Harbor Islands: Peddocks Island & Spectacle Island

Boston Harbor Islands: Peddocks Island & Spectacle Island

July 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Finally a post that's not a week delayed!  This week took in a very long day and explored two of the Harbor Islands in one shot.  Caught a 7 am ferry into Boston... another to Peddocks Island and yet another to Spectacle before returning to Boston and then catching the ferry home.  Left home at 6 am, got back at 7 pm. Looooooong day.  But an enjoyable one! Perfect weather and got to spend a few hours exploring each island.  So that leaves one more I'm considering and that's Little Brewster Island to tour Boston Light.  That'll be another early bird special for a later date... need a break from that for a bit, so maybe next week I relax and figure my options after.

Peddocks Island ChapelPeddocks Island ChapelPeddocks Island chapel amongst some colorful lounge chairs. Had a comfy view there as I awaited my ferry to Spectacle Island.

Peddocks IslandPeddocks IslandView of Georges Island from Peddocks Island of the Boston Harbor Islands.

Peddocks IslandPeddocks IslandAlways love the leading lines of fences... can't help but shoot them wherever I go.

Spectacle Island ViewSpectacle Island ViewA nice view from the highest peak of Spectacle Island... overlooking the port.

Boston Skyline via Spectacle IslandBoston Skyline via Spectacle IslandA nice view of the Boston skyine from Spectacle Island of the Boston Harbor Islands.

Spectacle IslandSpectacle IslandA lone boat floats along the harbor around Spectacle Island.

Spectacle IslandSpectacle Island


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